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Fantage Rare Items – Cheats & Tips

Rare items are hard to come by in the game of Fantage and are even more hard to come by if you are not a member! You can only get some of the rare items if you are playing Fantage as a free player but once you pay for a membership you have the option to get them all.

Basically, a rare item can be obtained when you collect three gems of a certain combination. I have listed all of the gem combinations on this page which give you specific items! So once you have the gem combinations how exactly do you go about getting the rare items? Well see the guide below!

  • Find gems by laying games such as Bubble Bug, Magic Pop, Candy Swap or Staries
  • You can also get gems by buying them with ecoins
  • Go to the Wizard’s Domain
  • Go in to Orion’s Rare Finds
  • Drag three gems into the thing like in the image below

rare items

When you put different gems into the orb, you get different rare items out. These rare items can be part of three different categories depending on the combination you put in. These categories are a very rare item, ultra rare items, and legendary items. Rare items can be anything from a hair style to a t-shirt or a board.


Fantage Money Cheats

Are there really Fantage money cheats you can use to get unlimited amounts of money in the game? From what I have seen, not really. There are however different ways to recieve money in the game through playing different mini games and doing other small things within Fantage. Of course when I say money, I am referring to both ecoins and stars. I refer to both of them because they both can be used to purchase products and items in the Fantage store.

So how exactly do you get free money in the game? Well there are plenty of ways! See below:

How to get Free Fantage Money Watching Videos & Ads

When logged into your account, there is always a coin in the top left of your screen spinning. On one side it says ecoins and on the other side it gives you a number.

Fantage money cheats

Sometimes this number is 25 and sometimes it is 30. Click on this coin and you will be taken to a page where you can play an ad. Play this ad and then a button will be highlighted under it where you can click and receive free money! Not kidding! Look at the images below!

fantage money cheats (2) fantage money cheats (3)

How to Get Free Fantage Money Playing Games

It is as easy as that! The next way is a bit more fun though. Go to the beach and play the FishFish game. You can find it just past the dock in the water.

When you get into this game, simply follow the instructions to play and try to get the highest score possible. Usually by trying to get the crabs, sharks and blow fish you will get the highest score possible. The higher the score you get, the more money you get! Check out the picture below.

fantage money cheats (4)

Another game where you can get quite a bit of free money is Jelly Shuffle. This game can be found within the Sea Breeze section of the game. This is the ship that you see on the beach! Follow the instructions on how to play this game. The key here is to get as many points as possible. The more points you get, the more money you will get at the end of the game!

fantage money cheats (5)

See!? A score of 102 gets you that much money. For now that is what I will leave you with to get free Fantage money. I will update this page on a regular basis to give you more ideas!

Tropical Tangrams Cheats & More New Updates

Hey everyone! Sorry I have not posted for a while but it was a really hectic fourth of July! Any way, now I am back and I have a great new game to share with you and some updates and changes that have been made in the Fantage World! Best thing first though! There is a new game in Fantage called Tropical Tangrams. This game really makes you think. You basically get a bunch of different shapes that you need to fit into one huge shape. You have the option to rotate the shapes to make them fit correctly but it is much harder than it sounds! I will make a video on how to get through them shortly. For now, Look at the screen shots below!

Fantage Cheats 2

The one above was stage 3 which was pretty easy and the one below was stage 2! I will get screen shots of them all so you know what shapes go where!

Fantage Cheats

That’s all for the new game. Now lets get to the updates! You can now travel all around Fantage and search for sea shells! It took me a long time to find them all and I am not going to tell you where they are because that would just take the fun out of it. I will give you a little cheat or hint though, look everywhere! When you find a bunch, you can combine them to get cool prizes from the Fantage shop.

Last thing I want to mention is the new clothing line that is out! Go to the Island and make your way to the High tide Shop to check out all the new bikinis, suits and even brand new boards to surf with! Doesn’t that sound awesome! Well that is all that I have for now. I will be updating this page shortly for tall the hints for the different stages within Tropical Tangrams.

The Island Update – New Spa & Slide N’ Splash Game

Fantage has updated the new part of the game called “The Island”. This part of Fantage was just recently launched so it is no surprise that they are already updating it!

So what does the new update bring to the users of the game?! Well it actually brings quite a few things! The three main things that you will notice are the new spa, the new nail salon which you can find in the spa, and the brand new mini game called Slide N’ Splash!


If you ask me, the best part of the update is the new mini game! I love when new mini games come out because I have already played all of the other ones. How do you play this game? Well it is simple. All you do is go down the water slide and hold the space bar to go faster.



Be careful though! The faster you go around the corners the better chance you have of crashing! The faster you get down the slide the more stars you will win! There is a stars cheat for you if I have ever heard of one!