Adventures in Wonderland – Fantage Event 2015

Hey Everyone,

Fantage has launched their latest event and it’s called the Adventures in Wonderland.


If this looks eerily familiar to you that’s because it is haha. The event is virtually identical to the Alice in Wonderland event that was on fantage in the past. The only real differences that I’ve noticed are various changes in items that are available for the event.

To go to the wonderland event you need to either go to the forest (and enter through the rabbit hole) or click the go to wonderland button from the event popup.


Some of the cool things going on at the event are:

  • Rose Paintings
  • Croquet Matches with the Queen
  • Mushroom Sales

There are also a ton of limited edition items for sale.  I only wish they were cheaper…


So don’t wait until it’s too late. The event is only scheduled to go until the 20th of August!

Be sure to login today and check it out. Then come back to our website and leave us a comment on what you think of the adventures in wonderland event!

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