Fantage Ancient Artifact Mission Cheats – 2015

Here is the Fantage Ancient Artifact Mission Cheats. I have included a small written walkthrough along with a video for you to watch in case you want to use both! Have fun and don’t forget to check out my Facebook and Twitter accounts!

In the Ancient Artifact Mission, you are recruited to find pieces of an ancient statue. This statue has magical and mystical powers and you need to obtain every piece before someone else does! Check out the video and some hints below to get through the mini games!

In the first mini game you need to solve a mushroom Jig-Saw puzzle to find the first piece of the Statue. This can be found right outside the Wizards Domain in the Mushrooms. Use the video to find out the order of the puzzle or you can try it yourself!


The next piece can be found at the beach. Use the video to solve the Jig Saw Puzzle if you need to! This piece is a monkey head! Before you can get it though, you need to play the game called Coo Coo Coconuts. You basically need to ue your mouse and drag the trampoline to get the coconuts into the barrel. Watch the video for tips!


Now it is time to get the last piece of the statue! This is the body. You will first need to complete another Jig Saw Puzzle which you can find out how to do in the video.

After you have done that you will need to go to the Icy Cold Summit on Mt. Fantage. You then have to challenge a man to a game called Dash Dash. You basically climb to the top of the mountain and hit the guys you see with snowballs! Use the video for help.


And that’s it! You will now have completed the first part of the Ancient Artifact Mission! I hope this all helped you. Don’t forget to check out the second part here.

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