Fantage Carnival Event Cheats

Hey everyone! TopDog360 here and it is Carnival Event time! Below I will list everything I can that you can do for the Carnival Event. This event lets you win a ton of cool prizes and also lets you play a bunch of cool mini games. Remember it is all about the tickets though! The more tickets you win the more or the better prizes you can get!

First lets help Zack impress Michelle! Click on the Carnival Event Icon on the left side of your screen when you get into a server. You will need to play a game called Bottle Knockdown to win the prize for Zack.


Basically all you need to do is wait for the arrow to point at the bottles and then click the button to fill the arrow up with power. Once it is about 3/4 full, let go and you should knock the bottles down! Get all three sets of bottles and you win!


Now lets get Michelle and Zack some food! Click on Michelle in that same area and you will now have to find 4 different food carts throughout the world of Fantage. Check below for the locations of each! The 4 stands you need to find are the Cotton Candy Stand, the Hot Dog Stand, the Funnel Cake Stand and the Popcorn Stand!


  • The Cotton Candy Stand is on Mt. Fantage and at the Fantage School
  • The Hot Dog Stand is at the Oasis
  • The Funnel Cake Stand is in The Creature Area
  • The Popcorn Stand is in the Forest and at the Beach

I hope you found them all! There may be more but that is all I will tell you for now.

There is also a pretty fun mini game called Ticket Grabber!


You basically have 10 seconds to grab as many tickets as you can! It is pretty fun and all I did was keep clicking my house and trying to grab all the times 2’s! I believe you can play this as many times as you want!

Stacker is also a pretty cool and fun game. It reminds me of Tetris. All you have to do here to earn tickets is to stack the blocks as high as they will go. If you get them stacked to the way top you will get a megabonus of tickets!


Keep playing these different mini games (The ones i have showed you as well as the ones I have not) and you will begin to build up a large amount of tickets. With these tickets you can buy the things below as well as some other items.


I hope the hints and cheats I gave you for the Fantage Carnival Event helped you out! Leave a comment and let me know how much you enjoyed it!

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