Fantage Cheat & Secret Codes of 2015

If you are looking for all of the Fantage Secret Codes for the game then you have come to the right place. You might call them codes but I like to call them combinations to get either gems or pets. These combinations can be used to unlock specific items or pets within the game of Fantage.


Pet Secret Codes

I actually have a whole page already written that contains all of these. These combinations of lighting, temperature, and specific eggs each give you a different pet. There are actually about 60 different combinations or secret codes that each give you a specific pet.

  • Firepuffs
  • Dinos
  • Pebbles
  • Ribbons
  • Cosmos, Fairies
  • Cuddlies
  • Feathers
  • Areopuffs
  • Barnacles
  • Frosties
  • Jellies

Those are all the different types of pets and each one has 5 pets under them. That is an insane amount! You can find all the different combinations here!

Gem Secret Codes

The other combinations you can use in the game are groups of 3 gems you combine in order to get rare items within Fantage. There are 10 of them that I know of so far. You can find the whole list of those combinations on this page.


For the most part, these secret gem combos give you cloths for your avatar. However, you can also get things like hair types, boards, and different items for your character.

That’s all that I have for now but if I find out more codes that I can put on this page I will get them up as soon as I can!

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