Fantage Cheats for Clothes

No Shoes Secret
This cheats basically allows you to explore the world of Fantage without having to wear shoes. In order to do this though, you need to own a dance party clothes outfit. Any one will do.

First, open your inventory and put on any of your dance party outfits. Now exit your inventory. Now open your inventory back up and put on anything you want except clothes! You will now be able to walk around without shoes.

Getting Rare Clothes With Gems
When playing specific games within the Wizards Domain, you can earn gemstones sch as rubies, diamonds and sapphires. These gemstones can be used to get very unique clothing items from the Fantage Store.

You basically combine three different gemstones to get specific items. The combinations and the clothes you get with each can be found on this page. Check it out and then get on Fantage to start earning your gemstones!

New Store Items
This is not a cheat but I thought I would let you know about the new items that are on the Fantage Store! There are 13 of them to check out as of February and they are all pretty cool! You will find new shirts, pants, shoes, necklaces and even jackets! You can either go to the store and look at them or check out the image below.


For now that is really all I have for you in regards to cheats for cloths on Fantage. There have been glitches on the game that allowed you to get clothes only available to members but most of them have been patched. Even if they still worked I would not waste your time because you could never actually save them to your inventory.

I will be updating this page as I get different cloths secrets so come back often! You can also look me up on Fantage. My username is topdog360!

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