Fantage Cheats for Ecoins – Best 2015 Codes

To be completely honest with you, there is no real efficient, safe way or Fantage cheats for ecoins. However, there are ways to get small amount of ecoins for free. You may just have to do some things like fill out surveys or watch ad videos or other random things like that.


The best way, I’m not sure if it still works, is logging in every day to your Fantage account and receiving the Daily Bonus. This bonus an pretty be any amount of stars or if you are lucky, ecoins. I signed in one day and got 500! So that is my first “cheat” for you. This may or may not only work for newer accounts on the game.

Another way to get them is to download the app called Fantage IDFone. You need either an iPad, iPod, or an iPhone to do this just to let you know. When it’s downloaded, open the app and click on the picture that says ecoins. Now you will need to download some other free apps like Fantage Bullseye and Fantage Super GoKart. Once these are downloaded, open them and you should get free ecoins!


If you are looking for a different Cheat for ecoins, you can always try You basically do surveys and other miscellaneous things and you will get them. Just transfer them to your Fantage account. I do not recommend this though. I am always skeptical about things like this.

A great way that also works to get 100 free ecoins is by inviting friends and becoming a premium member. Every friend you invite you get 100 and when you activate a premium membership you get 500!


In my opinion you should just try to get free Stars! Those are much easier to get and you can use them to buy everything in the game! At least for the most part. Find some of cheats for stars by clicking here!

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