Fantage Cheats for Stars – Best Secrets of 2015

People are always searching and asking for cheats for stars in the game of Fantage. Stars are the currency that use to basically buy everything in the game. Below I have listed a few ways to get some stars for free. Some of them you can call cheats and others are just part of the game!


First Secret – Create two different accounts on Fantage using different email addresses so they don’t know! Log in to the game through both accounts and go to the same server. When you are in the game, go to the Star Cafe and play Fruit Stack against yourself. Let the account that you want all the stars in win the game. That account will win all the stars!

Second Secret – Make your way to Lucky Bob’s trading place. Once you are here, look at the schedule to see what it says. When you find out what it says, buy some of that item. For example, if the schedule says cloths, go buy some of the cheapest cloths you can find. Now go back to Lucky Bobs and sell the items by hitting the sell button. You will need to spin the wheel and while you are spinning it you need to say “I feel Lucky” over and over again. You will get a result after awhile and a lot of times it will be the jackpot! Keep trying if it does not work the first time.


Third Secret – Play the game “Fish Fish”. Use tour control pad to get all the way to the bottom of the ocean. Hold the control pad down when you get to the bottom so that you stay towards the bottom of the ocean. When keeping the Seahorse to the bottom, either a shark or a chest will appear. Grab either of them and at the end of the game you will receive any where between 45 to 100 free stars.

Fourth Secret – Log in to your account daily! You will get a certain amount of coins each time you do! At least for the first week.

Fifth Secret –

  • Make your Way to the Fantage School
  • Open a Private Classroom and invite whoever you want
  • For doing this you will receive 10 free stickers
  • Leave the Private Classroom
  • Repeat this process as many as 5 different times
  • Now make your way to Luck Bobs with all 50 stickers
  • Sell each sticker for 6 stars a piece (300 stars)
  • Do this as many times as you want

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