Fantage Fashion Police Walkthrough & Cheats

To begin the mission you need to go to the mission control center and talk to Agent Scarlet. Once you are done talking to Agent Scarlet, go to Le Shop Talk to the three people there with exclamation points above their heads! Once you have heard everything you need to, go back to mission control.

Once you talk to Agent Scarlet again, you will need to make your way to Top Models Inc. Once you get here talk to Agent Scarlet once more.

Now it is time to play a mini game! This game had you defending Top Models inc from invading robots!


Basically, all you need to do is keep dragging one of three weapons onto the floor to make sure that none of the robots get past you. Some of them take a while to regenerate though so use them wisely! Here is a hint. Place one spray bottle and one blow dryer in each row! That will make sure nothing gets by you.

After you have completed the first mini game, there will be a short story line and then another mini game will pop up.


In this mini game you are simply going to chase the robots while dodging missiles that are being shot at you. Here is a secret cheat as well! There will be falling pieces of clothing while you are chasing the robots! Let them fall onto you in order to collect them.

Once you complete that mini game, you will be in a room with Finkelstein. Click on him to talk to him. After talking to him for awhile, you will have to play a mini game in order to capture him!


This mini game basically has you and two others taking turns at hitting Finkelstein with your weapons. Finkelstein does have some armor though. There are three types of armor that he has that you need to take note of when it is your turn to shoot at him. If his water armor is up, use your lighting bolt. If his wind armor is up, use your water. And if his lighting bolt armor is up, use your wind! If nothing is up, use your ray gun! It is as easy as that.

The next mini game simply is a shopping spree where you need to catch articles of clothing and take them to the register.


After you have caught five, take those to the register. What you need to do is get five of each color back to the register in order to win!

Now its time to help Finkelstein win the fashion show! All you need to do here is match your cloths with the theme they give you.


One example is a Blue theme. If that is the one you need to match then all you need to do is put all the blue onto Finkelstein that you possibly can! You will do this three times throughout the mini game. The other three parts of the mini game are to hit the numbers as they match up with the different spots. The numbers are 1 – 4 and when the number gets over its circle, press that number on your keyboard.

Punk = Black hat, Black Jacket with Star, Light Brown Shoes, and Guitar

Patterned = Brown hat with Stripe, Black and White Flannel Shirt, Blue Shoes, Black and White Belt

Blue = All Blue Cloths

Brown – All Brown Cloths


I have also posted a video of this mission to make it as easy as possible for you and to answer any questions or confusion you might have! You can look at the video below.

I hope this walkthrough and cheat guide helped you get through the Fashion Police Mission!

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