Fantage Gem Cheats & Codes – 2015

Getting the gems or gemstones that you want in Fantage can be pretty tough. Here is a proven technique used to get the more rare gems in the game. It will get you gemstones such as Moonstones, Diamonds, and Rare Rubies. Check out the steps below to get them.

1. Enter Wizard’s Domain and play the Bubble Bug Game
2. If you are a member, us the x2 star coupon and if you are not it is not a big deal
3. Now play the game and as soon as the gem in the upper left hand corner lights up (this will be when you hit a score of 4000) stop collecting bugs and let the game finish.

Then you will get a high gem, something like the ones a mentioned above!

If you can’t figure out how to really play the Bubble Bug game, all you need to do is press and hold the left mouse button to make a bubble appear. Once the bubble has appeared, let go of the left mouse button in front of a bug and it should trap the bug inside!

Where and How to Use the Gems in Fantage

You should know by now that there are very rare items that you can get with different sets of gemstones. These items can be found within Wizards Domain. Check out the list below of what gems get what items!


For Legendary Items:

You need 3 legendary diamonds. This will Get you:

  • Girls: Flowers Sandals, Bush outfit, Tambourine Board, Cleopatra’s dress, or Intriguing Braids
  • Guys: Blue Tuxedo, Bush outfit, or Tambourine Board

For Ultra Rare Items:

You need any of the following gemstone combinations:
1. 2 Legendary Diamonds and 1 Rare Ruby
2. 2 Ultra Rare Emeralds and 1 Legendary Diamond
3. 3 Ultra Rare Emeralds

This will get you:

  • Girls: Heavy Bangs with Headband, Rose Headband, Senor Pinata board, Rubber Duckie Board, Ponytail, 50s outfit, Hanbok, Yin Yang Skirt and Shorts, Victorian Dress or the Valentine Dress
  • Guys: Senor Pinata board or Rubber Duckie Board

For Very Rare Items:

You need any of the following gem combinations:
1. 1 Rare Sapphire, 1 Very Rare Ruby, and 1 Ultra Rare Emerald
2. 2 Very Rare Rubies and 1 Ultra Rare Emerald
3. 3 Very Rare Rubies

This will get you:

  • Girls: Blue Hair With Hat
  • Guys: Rugby shirt


For Rare Items:

You need any of the following gem combinations:
1. 2 rare sapphires and 1 very rare ruby
2. 2 Very Rare Rubies and 1 Rare Sapphire
3. 3 Rare Sapphires

This will get you:

  • Girls: Red high heels, Pink Balloon T-Shirt, Fiesta Hair, Cleopatra Wig, Gypsy Outfit, Senoritas hair, Red Shaggy Hair, Page-girls Cap, or Blue Afro
  • Guys: Blue Balloon T-Shirt or Sombrero

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