Fantage Mother’s Day Party Cheats

Hey everyone, TopDog360 here! So we all know that that the Mother’s Day Party is here on Fantage and there are some great things going on within Fantage because of this special event.


During this annual celebration, Fantage is allowing you to even print out a special Mother’s Day card for your mom. Have you done this yet? I really am encouraging you to! Your mom would love it. Not only that, but Fantage also has some Mother’s Day limited items that you can purchase in the store. Check them out now here!

There are also some things you can do for Stella and Bella’s mom! The ones I know about for now are:

  • Catch flowers for her
  • Catch pets for her

Stella and Bella’s mom loves pets the most. If you bring pets to their mom, she will actually give you rewards for doing so! All you need to do is walk the pet that she wants to see up to her, click on her, and then you will get a reward!


Also, if you are looking to purchase some Pet Magic Codes, I heard they are going to be 30% off until May 12th! Have fun and don’t forget to check back for the Mother’s Day Cheats I will be posting later!

Hint: Go to the Forest and Castle Bridge to get started!

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