Fantage Pirate Panic Walkthrough & Cheats

TopDog 360 here and I have just gotten a written walkthrough and video walkthrough done for the Fantage Pirate Panic Mission! You can find it below.

Basically this mission has you protecting the world of Fantage from a pirate named Peg Leg Pete. To do this, you basically play 4 games of battle ship except no one is shooting at you. You have a missile that you shoot into the ocean at 5 different pirate ships which are called Brigantine, Schooner, Galley, Sloop and Galleon. To hit them, use your sonar which will show you exactly where all the ships are and then click on them with your missile.

Here is a little cheat for you though. To hit the ships, lead them a little bit! If you need help, use the video below!

As you progress through the Pirate Panic mission, the ships get stronger and faster. This just means you need to lead them a bit more as well as hit them a few more times. You will also get some bigger and better weapons such as larger missile and a floating water bomb weapon.

That is basically all you need to know in order to complete this mission. It takes about 15 minutes depending on how fast you destroy the ships in each section of the mission. Use the video to help you if you need to!

You also get a two different things for completing the Pirate Panic Mission! A Pirate Wheel Board and a medal!



Have fun getting through this mission in Fantage!

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