Fantage Rare Items – Cheats & Tips

Rare items are hard to come by in the game of Fantage and are even more hard to come by if you are not a member! You can only get some of the rare items if you are playing Fantage as a free player but once you pay for a membership you have the option to get them all.

Basically, a rare item can be obtained when you collect three gems of a certain combination. I have listed all of the gem combinations on this page which give you specific items! So once you have the gem combinations how exactly do you go about getting the rare items? Well see the guide below!

  • Find gems by laying games such as Bubble Bug, Magic Pop, Candy Swap or Staries
  • You can also get gems by buying them with ecoins
  • Go to the Wizard’s Domain
  • Go in to Orion’s Rare Finds
  • Drag three gems into the thing like in the image below

rare items

When you put different gems into the orb, you get different rare items out. These rare items can be part of three different categories depending on the combination you put in. These categories are a very rare item, ultra rare items, and legendary items. Rare items can be anything from a hair style to a t-shirt or a board.


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