Fantage Starry Nights Prom Cheats

Hey everyone, TopDog360 here! So it is Prom time again and there is only one question that all Fantage users are wondering; Who is Kawaii going to take to Prom this year!? The Starry Nights Prom Party is full of fun surprises and games including the surprise of who Kawaii is actually going to take to Prom for 2013. Let’s make a game of it, be the first person to comment on this post and guess who she takes to Prom and I may have a prize for you!

This years Starry Nights Prom Party is going to be held between May 16th and May 22nd. There are going to be a ton of great stuff to check out inside of Fantage including an outdoor Beach stage and even a pretty awesome dance floor for you to check out when you are playing the game! Why should your older brothers and sisters be the only ones that get to have fun during Prom?


I will be updating this page periodically to give you the latest cheats and hints during the party so dont forget to keep coming back! We all need to be around for the answer to the ultimate question! Who is Kawaii going to take?

That’s all I have for now but remember, for all the cheats and special secrets to the Starry Nights Prom Party, keep coming back!

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