Fantage Sunken Treasure Walkthrough & Cheats

The Fantage Sunken Treasure mission has you saving the world of Fantage from Dr. Finkelstein once again. He has discovered a hidden treasure in the underwater cavern and plots to use it to take over the world.


You can either watch the video walkthrough below or follow the step by step written walkthrough below that! Have fun!

Start this mission by going to the mission control center and talking to Agent Scarlet. She will let you know what is going on and then send you to the Lighthouse where there have been unusually large waves.

Once you get to the Lighthouse, you will run into Dr. Finkelstein and will have to play a mini game to protect the Lighthouse from his helicopter.


You can only get hit 5 times by the robots shooting at you and you can also only allow 3 waves to hit the Lighthouse or you will have to start over! To beat it, all you need to do is keep hitting the space bar to shoot at the robots and the waves. It takes a few shots to destroy the waves but only one to destroy each robot!

Once you have completed that mini game, you will need to go back to the mission control center and talk to Agent Scarlet. She will tell you to talk to the scientists to create a submarine. Talk to them next and they will tell you to find some materials in order to build the submarine. You will need to find a frosted glass, a propeller, and a periscope.

The frosted glass can be found at Mt. Fantage in the Extreme Snowboarding shop.

The propeller can be found at the dock!

The periscope can be found at the Costume Shop which is in Uptown.

After you have collected everything, take it back to the mission control center and give it to the scientists. Now its time to get after Dr. FInkelstein!

You will have to play a mini game to find the Horn of Poseidon.


If you are having trouble find the horn, use your sonar! You can also check the video at the top of the post!

Once you find the horn, you will then need to escape. You will play another mini game where you need to hit the arrow that is shown on your screen. Again, if you are confused, check out the video above! Once you escape that is the end of the Fantage Sunken Treasure Mission!


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