Fantage The Mad Scientist Walkthrough Cheats

This walkthrough starts with Dr. Finkelstien creating a huge storm over all of Fantage. Once this short movie is over, talk to Agent Scarlet.  She will tell you that it is your job to sneak into Dr. Finkelstein’s Lab and destroy his weather changing machine.


Once you are done talking to her, make your way to the Lighthouse.You will get kicked out of the Lighthouse and then it is time to go back and talk to Agent Scarlet again. After talking to her, you will need to click on her again and talk to her once more. She will then tell you that you need to search the desert to find a legendary armor. There will be 6 parts.


The coordinates to find all 6 parts are as follows : A3, A4, C4, D1, E3, and E6. You can find them in any order you would like! After you have found all of the armor parts, you will talk to Agent Scarlet again. She will tell you she is going to upgrade the armor and then you will have to battle Dr. Finkelstein.

Once she is done talking, you will need to talk to her again. She will give you the upgraded armor. Now it’s time to take on Dr. Finkelstein! Head to the Lighthouse!


First, you will need to battle Tammy Tornado! All you need to do is hold space bar to charge your gun and let to go shoot it. You can also just tap the space bar to shoot. Also make sure to either jump or duck to dodge her tornado shots.

Then you will have to battle Mark the Shark.

Next it will be Zap Morris.

You beat all three robots the same way! Once you beat them, it is time to go get the Weatherbot.


Here are some hints to beat the Weatherbot!


All you need to do is pick one of your special powers to go against what ever the Weatherbot shoots at you! Its completely random so just choose whatever you want! There is no strategy to beat it. After you beat it there will be a short video and you are done!


You are done! I hope my walkthrough guide of The Mad Scientist Mission helped you out! Also, check out the video walkthrough guide below!

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