Fantage The Strange Visitor Walkthrough Cheats

Here is the video walkthrough of The Strange Visitor on Fantage!

To start the Strange Visitor mission, you will need to click on General Gopher in the mission control center. You will watch a short video and then you need to click on General Gopher and talk to him. He will tell you to go to the beach. Do this!

You will find an alien here like in the picture below.


Talk to him and he will ask you to help him out his ship back together. First, you will need to pick up 5 parts on the Beach where you are now. There will be 3 bolts and 2 screws. Once you have them all, talk to the alien again.

Now its time to find the rest of the pieces he needs. Go to the mission control center and talk to General Gopher again. You will watch a short video. After that, talk to the scientist lady on your right like in the image below.


Now a map of Fantage will appear and you will need to find 7 pieces of the alien ship on the map.

  • Proton Cell – Look by the waterfall outside of Wizard’s Domain
  • Xeon Exhaust Valve –  Look by the Rocket Board Game
  • Adamantium Bolt – Look above the game Buzzer Beater
  • Scale link modulator – You can find this behind the Creature Arena
  • Fusion Accelarator – Look on the right side of the Grotto by the bridge
  • Electron Regulator – Look between the ID Fone Shop and the Costume Shop
  • Titanium Matrix Generator – You can find this on the top of the castle

Once you have all the pieces to the ship, click on the alien and talk to him. Now you get to play a mini game to help the alien put the ship back together!


In this mini game, if you score more than 8500 you will receive a cool special prize like the one below!


Basically what you need to do to beat this game is look at what parts and in what order the alien wants them. Then, let those parts fall on your laser in that order! Do this three times and you have won! Once you have won, click on the alien and talk to him again.

You will watch a short video and the mission will be complete.


You are all done! I hope my The Strange Visitor walkthrough cheats guide helped you get through the mission! Don’t forget to follow me and check out the video walkthrough!

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