Fantage Theater Cheats

Hey everyone! TopDog360 here. So I have some news about a new theater that Zack has put togethr as well as an Acting Academy.

Zacks Acting Academy Cheats

Zack’s Acting Academy opened on may 30th of 2013. Within this academy, all Fantage players can dress up in costumes and take part in plays that are going on! There are 3 stages that Zack has put up where you can go to practice your performances or even create videos if you would like! How cool is that?


So what are the 3 stages that I am talking about? Well the first is a Wild West Frontier stage which brings you back to the cowboys and Indians setting! The second is a romantic setting located in Venice! The last is an underwater paradise setting which in my opinion is the best one!

So what else does this new academy bring to Fantage users? Well, you can even go into the viewing room within the academy and watch other Fantage players’ YouTube videos that they have uploaded! Posting videos will become available very shortly so come back often to stay updated!

Theater YouTube Video Contest!


For more details, click here!

New Upgraded Theater Cheats

The new theater that Zack created has now been upgraded! What exactly has been updated? Well, there is a brand new look to each of the stages and there is also a new costume that you can use in the Underwater paradise stage!


It’s a Swimming Mermaid Costume! Not too great for the guys but the girls will love it. They wanted to make the theater look a little more realistic so I hope they did a good job! Post a comment letting me know how you think they did.

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