Fantage Valentine’s Day Cheats – 2015

Hey everyone! TopDog360 here to tell you that Valentine’s Day is coming up very quickly and the people at Fantage have some great things in store for you! Fist off, click here for the Scavenger hunt cheats if you haven’t done it yet!


So what can you expect when Valentine’s Day hits on Fantage? Well there is nothing official but look for the following:

  • Free items from the store (at least one when you log in on Valentine’s Day)
  • Fun scavenger hunts for rare items
  • Free giveaways (maybe even membership giveaways!)
  • And much more

Last year you got to compete against all of your friends for free stars. I am sure that this will be an option once again. There will also be a ton of mini games that you will be able to play and win stars and maybe even rare gems! Remember that gems can be used to get rare items from the Fantage Online Store.


Whatever you do, just do not forget to play Fantage through the days of February 12th and 18th. This event is going on all week and there is no limit to what you can win and the amount of stars you will be able to get. Remember to have fun and do not forget to look for me. I will be making an appearance myself.


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