Fantage Walkthroughs

Looking for a specific Fantage Walkthrough? This page lists all the mission walkthroughs on the game in order from the very first one to the last one that has been launched. If you are having trouble getting through the Walkthroughs within Fantage, the videos and written guides you will find on these pages will help you out!

Who Broke top Models – Someone has broken into Top Models Inc and it is your job to find them and bring them to justice.

The Missing Bear Cub – You will come across a bear cub who is tired, lonely and has had his parents taken from him. Help him by finding his parents and giving him some food!

Ancient Artifact – An archeologist has found an artifact that has been shattered. Help him find the pieces that have been scattered across Fantage.

The Strange Visitor – General Gopher informs you that some strange occurrences have been happen on Fantage. Find out what is going on.

The Mad Scientist – Dr. Finkelstein has decided that he wanted to take over all of Fantage. It is your job to stop him!

Ancient Artifact 2 – Jean and his ninja mercenaries are trying to take over Fantage. Stop him in the conclusion of the Ancient Artifact mission.

Sunken Treasure – Dr. Finkelstein is back and is plotting to take over Fantage once again. He has found a hidden treasure and it is your job to make sure he does not get it.

Fashion Police – Clothing from all of the stores within Fantage and every where else is disappearing. Find out what is going on and solve the mystery of the missing cloths.

Pirate Panic – Pirates are invading Fantage! Stop them and save the world you have come to love.