Fantage Who Broke Top Models Walkthrough & Cheats

TopDog360 here and I have just put together a full Who Broke Top Models written and video walkthrough to help everyone out! You can find them both below.

To start this mission, you will need to go to the front of Top Models Inc and talk to a guy named Officer Russel.

who broke top models cheats 1

He will basically tell you that someone broke into the building and broke a lot of things. It is your job to help find out who did it. You will start by looking for clues in Top Model Inc.

In the main room, go to the right in front of the desk and you will find a rock laying on the ground. Click on it. It is your first clue!

Once you pick it up. go back outside and talk to Officer Russel. Show him the clue and he will tell you “It’s like it Magically appeared. Now you need to go to Wizard’s Domain, enter Orion’s Rare Finds and talk to the lady on the right.

who broke top models cheats 3

She will tell you that in order to find out who through the rock you will need to gather ingredients for a specific spell. These ingredients are a Blue Mushroom, a Yellow Flower and a Pink Coconut.

These are pretty easy to find! Use the steps below to find them.

  • You can find the blue mushroom by going to the Creature area and looking on the right side of the Creature Shop on the ground.
  • You can find the yellow flower right in the middle of the Carnival in front of the Putt Putt Revolution.
  • You can find the pink coconut ¬†at the Beach in front of The Palm Dance Club on the ground.

Once you have found all of these ingredients, make your way back to Wizard’s Domain and talk to the lady again. She will then say the spell and tell you the man you are looking for is standing outside of the Grotto which can be found in The Forest. Now go get him! Look closer to Lucky Bob’s Trading to find him! He looks like a Gnome.

who broke top models cheats 4

Click on him. He will disappear. Now you will need to go back to the Wizard Lady in Wizard’s Domain and talk to her. Tell her he keeps escaping! Tell her you need her help again and offer her punch and pie for helping. She will ask you what type of pie and you need to tell her Pumpkin!

Now you need to go get the punch and pie! To get the pie, go to Star Cake which is in Downtown Fantage. Its on the counter next to the register. To get the punch, you need to go the Beach. It will be sitting on the table next to the life guard!

who broke top models cheats 5

Once you get both the punch and the pie, go back to Wizard’s Domain and talk to the lady once again! She will tell you that you need to find a net now. Go to the Creature Area and enter the Creature Shop. You will find a net leaning up in the back right corner. Grab it and go back and talk to the Wizard Lady again.

Now it is time to catch the Gnome. Go to The Forest to meet the wizard lady. By the time you get there, she will have already caught the Gnome. She will then tell you to go get Officer Russel to arrest him! Go back to Top Models Inc and get Officer Russel.

who broke top models cheats 6

That’s it! You have now completed The Fantage Who Broke Top Models Mission! I hope my walkthrough helped.

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