Games Like Fantage

Are you looking for some cool and fun games like Fantage? There are plenty of them out there! Fantage is considered a virtual world as well as a massively multiplayer online role playing game (mmorpg) that is for kids ages 6 to 16. From my experience, it is mostly for kids 6 to 12. By the age of 12, kids are looking for alternative games similar to Fantage but for older kids! Something along the lines of World of Warcraft or Runescape.

WOW - Game like fantage

World of Warcraft and Runescape are two games that are mmorpg’s but are packed with action and adventure rather than mini games and playful missions. Other games that are more like Wow and Runescape are Runes of Magic, Earth Eternal, Allods Online, and Neo Online. They all have the same characteristics and are all great games!

Other Games Like Fantage

The games above in my opinion are for much older kids. If you are looking for alternatives to Fantage for kids around the same age then here are some other games to check out.

Poptropica – This game basically has you playing through islands trying to solve some sort of mystery.

Club Penguin – Basically has all of the same characteristics that Fantage does.

Woogi World – More of an educational game for kids from kindergarten to 6th graders.

Those are just some other games to take a look at!

Games Like Fantage But No Membership

Unfortunately, games such as all the ones I have mentioned above all need memberships in order to make money. You will be hard pressed to find one that does not offer some sort of membership. They do however all offer free versions of the game. Some of them only let you play part of the game but some get the full version of the game and are just limited to when they can play it!