Journey to a New Island Cheats

There is a new Part of Fantage called The Island! From what i can tell, it is pretty cool and there is some new things to check out! The new mini game they have added within The Island is called Totally Tubular.

You basically are being pulled behind a boat on a tube and you use the space bar to jump when necessary. While you are being pulled, you will see stars that you will want to get and you will also have to avoid fish and rocks! You can earn a lot of stars by playing Totally Tubular so you should check it out!

Totally Tubular Cheats

There is also a mini game called Slide n Splash that is coming soon! I will let you know more when I get information on it. Another part of Fantage is also coming soon called the Ocean Area. Keep coming back for information on that as well!

There are some other things you can do within The Island as well that I have not mentioned yet.

New Island Cheats

There is a new part of To Models Inc on The New Island where you can show off your best beach outfits! You can also vote for fashion in Hot or Not. Every 10 votes gets you free stars! There are also new item available that you should check out! See the image below for anything else that I may have forgotten to mention!

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