The Island Update – New Spa & Slide N’ Splash Game

Fantage has updated the new part of the game called “The Island”. This part of Fantage was just recently launched so it is no surprise that they are already updating it!

So what does the new update bring to the users of the game?! Well it actually brings quite a few things! The three main things that you will notice are the new spa, the new nail salon which you can find in the spa, and the brand new mini game called Slide N’ Splash!


If you ask me, the best part of the update is the new mini game! I love when new mini games come out because I have already played all of the other ones. How do you play this game? Well it is simple. All you do is go down the water slide and hold the space bar to go faster.



Be careful though! The faster you go around the corners the better chance you have of crashing! The faster you get down the slide the more stars you will win! There is a stars cheat for you if I have ever heard of one!

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